Vintage FisherPrice

Its Monday, which means the house is usually a wreck from the weekend.  Laundry Mountain is medium-high today.  Rainy out, so laundry is drying indoors today, and electrically.

Time to swap-out the playroom toys. I have dug out these vintage Fisher Price toys from the attic. They belonged to Justin and his sisters.  There is also a circus but so far I cannot locate all of the parts.  These will need a bit of a wipe down, but i thought them rather quaint and photogenic.  There is a particularly angry little freckled man, too, on the right.  Normally I keep most of the toys and just swap a few out, but this week I am going to be extreme and only leave out these old fisher-price.  090518_fisher2090518_fisher3090518_fisher4090518_fisherman1090518_fisher1

3 thoughts on “Vintage FisherPrice

  1. When Tim was 2 – 3 years old, he had to go to sleep holding his “man,” one of those Fischer Price guys, like the one with construction helmet. God forbid if we couldn’t find it!
    And yeah, what’s up with the angry freckled faced kid? Is he the neighborhood bully?

    • SO far Sabina has not developed any such toy or cuddly attachments – but she MUST go to bed with her Oxford Māori Picture Dictionary, she flips incessantly between the page with the Tuatara and Butterflies on it, and the page with the Giraffe and Cheetar on it. Very cute, but rather distressing when the book is missing.

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