Tuesday: Chicken pies and Mt Cook Minis

Tuesday, sunny (yay!).  Typical that Laundry Mountain is low on such a glorius day.  This morning I took the twins to “Mt Cook Mini’s” at the Scottish Athletic Club.  There were perhaps 8 parents, none of whom I had met before (except Julia, who reminded me to come).  Each had one or more kids, and there were a few new babies – even a 7 week old called Sabina. First other Sabina I have actually met.  We had a cuppa and some banana cake and chatted about the children, reflux, baby haircuts and other such joys of parenting.

Afterward while the twins slept I made these pies again.  Ray McVinnie had them in the Sunday mag a couple of weeks ago, and with a few variations (sorry Ray) here they are below.  This is where the pre-prepping of food comes in handy.  Because Justin pre-chopped all the veg it was pretty quick to do these, about 30 mins including dishes.  I brought the laundry in and folded it while Sabinas pies cooked.


Some garlic, chopped

1 sliced onion

zest of 1 lemon from georgina’s tree

bay leave from georgina’s tree

4 chicken thighs skinless, boneless, sliced to about 2cm (I actually sliced mine quite thin to suit  kiddies)

About 2 cups of mushrooms,  (Ray suggests 1cm sliced portobello but to suit kids I have done thin sliced brown buttons)

A big carrot, thin sliced

250ml chicken stock (I just used oxo)

2TBSP cornflour mixed with 3 TBSP cold water

150ml cream

Handful of chopped parsley

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

2 sheets pre-made flaky puff pastry

beaten egg for brushing (plus I added sesame seeds too)

Heat the oven to 200C.  Fry up all the “food” ingredients til soft  (not brown), about 10mins.  Add the chicken stock and simmer for a further 5 mins til chicken is cooked.  Quickly stir through cornflour, then cream.  Simmer a few more mins. Add parsely and season with salt and pepper.  Divide up into ramekins (I didnt line my pie dishes with pastry – these pies just have pastry tops).  Make some pastry lids.  This time I did woven tops.  I think the kohanga will like this in Sabinas lunchbox tomorrow.  Brush the pastry tops with egg (I discard most of the white) and add sesame seeds if you want.  Cook in the oven sitting on on an oven tray (critical instruction!) for 25mins til pastry cooked, or refridgerate pies and cook them later.  I cooked Sabinas pies in the oven and will cook the adult pies tonight.  This quantity made 3 adult pies (will invite Anton over for dinner) and 2 kiddie pies.



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