Wednesday: unexpected Roast Chicken

Well, it wasn’t that unexpected because it was on the menu, but I thought the Roast Chicken would feature tomorrow night.  However Justin came home early so got it started.  It is freezing in Wellington today, the bitter southerly change.  The graduands from Victoria University had their parade through the city, I hope they were too excited to notice the cold.  I had to take a detour to avoid the crowds with my double pushchair.  Also unexpected, but welcome – Anton came for dinner and Settlers of Catan.  Justin won by playing an even resource spread.  Another camel bell curve.


Justin gets all creative with meat.  Me, Im a lazy gal when it comes to flavours and seasonings.  So onto this free-range bird went salt, pepper, garlic pierced into the skin, lemon zest (georgina’s tree again), fresh thyme, fresh parsley, drizzle of maple syrup, and drizzle of the nz olive oil.  And a quartered onion went internal to give an oniony infusion throughout.  The veges took a good 20 mins longer to cook in our bung oven, they included yams, kumara, potatoes and lengthwise-halved carrots.  No greens, just the chicken, veges and a nice chicken gravy.

090520_roast chicken1090520_roast chick1090520_roast chick2


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