Sunday mundane: descaling the kettle

Today I am descaling the kettle.  I gave the kettle a bit of a clean yesterday, and was amazed to discover that it boiled much more quietly than it previously did.  No more “roaring”.  SO thinking about this some more I decided to fully descale the kettle.  I used to do this with the baby equipment such as the steriliser and the bottle warmer, so I roughly knew how to go about it.


  1. Use 1 TBSP of Citric Acid per cup of warm water, dissolve.  I used about 4 cups of water altogether, so 4 TBSP of Citric Acid
  2. Dissolve the acid in the water, then pour it into the kettle
  3. Boil the kettle then leave for 10 minutes
  4. Scrub around the inside with a dishbrush, there should be lots of ‘released’ limescale floating about now in lemon coloured water
  5. Empty the contents.  How satisfying!
  6. Scrub and rinse again
  7. Refill the kettle with clean water and boil again
  8. Rinse again
  9. Refill the kettle with clean water and boil again
  10. Make a nice cup of tea with your amazing ‘just like new’ kettle!


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