Bangers + Mash (preparing the Bangers part)

Today I prepared Bangers for tonights Bangers and Mash.  Bangers, snarlers, sausages – mainly when teamed with mashed potatoes they get called Bangers – at least in our house.  Today I just got the Bangers part ready for a simple reheat in the evening together with making mashed potatoes. This dish is Easy Peasy, and there are simple added extras to glam it up, fatten it up, and flavour it up.


Pan cook your Bangers.  I did 6 for 3 people.  We get “Blackball Sausages” from Moore Wilson’s Fresh, or if Justin has been in Martinborough he will bring home Scotty’s Meats homemade ones. Once browned and cooked, let the sausies cool a little then slice them into bit sized bits.  Return to hot oiled pan together with a chopped onion, some garlic, sliced mushrooms, and some thyme (I used some fresh and also some dried) and ground pepper.  Sizzle for a bit, then add about 2 cups of beef stock (I used oxo cubes).  At this point you could add some red wine if you have it.  Thicken with a runny paste of 3 TBSP of cornflour mixed with some cold water (or see alternative fatty option below).  Thats it. Let it brew a little then cover it for a later reheat, or, when you are ready, prepare your mashed potatoes (or see pie option below).  You could probably make this dish in the time it takes to make the mashed potatoes.  See, its Easy Peasy.

If you want a richer tasting dish, add the wine, and instead of thickening with the cornflour paste you can try this alternative:

Once the sausage, onion, mushroom etc is cooked, push it all to one side of the pan and make a Roux in the other side.  Melt a decent glob of butter (say 50-80 grams) then push in enough flour to make it go sort of thick.  Add a bit more butter to make it runnier, then add the stock or wine on top of that and stir/break it up to thicken the stock.  Another option is to add some cream to either version.


You can add this mix to a pie pot and make a pastry top for it, like the Chicken pies.  Cook the pastry topped pies for 25 mins in a 200 deg C oven.



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