Toy swap out: Granny knits

The vintage FisherPrice toys went down quite well, but equally well was the concept of LESS IS MORE in the household Toy Department.  So this week the toy focus is going to be Dolls, and in particular, the Dolls dressed in hand-knitted garments.

Gran has been knitting for the dolls. Sabina is not really into dressing up the dolls yet, but I guess she will, eventually.  And when she does there will be this smorgasbord of choice in the knits department. Gran apparently has lots of leftover wool from a jersey of 17 colours knit for her youngest daughter many years ago.  The wool is mainly not machine washable, so more suited to dolls clothes than baby clothes really.

0905251To the left are the twin Granny knits though I haven’t got them on the twin dolls.  The centre doll is sporting a snappy blue skirt  dress and top, but I dont know who knit these.  Next up is the Fijian doll, Bula.  Bula is used to the heat and so is naked under his new green Granny knit robe.  On the right is the doll currently called Annie.  Named after Katy and Aaron’s baby, Annie.  Sometimes it is also called Katy.  Here is Annie/Katy modelling the Granny knit mustard hi-neck cardi.0905252 Lastly the baby lying down is wrapped in a recent Granny knit with speckled colouration. 0905253


2 thoughts on “Toy swap out: Granny knits

  1. Aha! I have a vintage Fisher price toy collection too…but not the same ones you have. Come and see them some time! I got most of them from op shops over the years because I didn’t have any as a kid and I LONGED for the ones other families had. I think you could only get them by mail-order from overseas in the 70s and my Mum didn’t do that sort of thing.

    • Bang on. Justin’s dad worked in the states for IBM, so he brought them back from his work trips. I also didn’t have any of these as a kid, so I can play with them now. Will definitely check out your collection, and the new Scottish Fold kittens soon!

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