Lemon cupcakes / cake

Laundry is mountainous today and the babies are in a happy mood.  Thomasin tried out the Jolly Jumper for the first time and seemed to be happy enough in it while I washed the baby bottles.   But Lido power vomited all over the floor, splashing the stools, his gran’s purple shoes, and the camera tripod.  He narrowly missed Thomasin though.  Vomits aside they do seem jolly today. Tonight is a multiple birth club clothing swap.  No money down, just take in whatever kids clothes you no longer use, and pick up any that you do want.  So simple, and any leftovers go to the migrant resettlement programme.  So I am planning to take some cupcakes to enjoy with the wine the club will provide.  Its also Kylee’s birthday, so she might get a cupcake too.

090526cupcakes1 copy


This is adapted from Rose Zeini, adapted only in the sense that it is a cake mix, but I have instead poured it into paper lined muffic trays.  It is an easy one-bowl mix with no power tools required (except the oven).

Turn on the oven to 190 dec C

Into a large bowl add 1 and 3/4 cups of Sugar, the rind of 2 Lemons, 2 large Eggs and 1 cup of canola or any other kind of Oil.  Mix, then add a quarter tsp Salt, 1 cup of Yoghurt (I used greek), and the handsqueezed juice from the two lemons.  Mix again.  Lastly, add 2 cups of sifted Self Raising Flour.  090526cupcakes3

At this point you can decide whether to make a cake (if so pour into a 23cm lined and greased/floured tin) and bake for about 45mins or until the top browns and the sides shrink.


Cupcakes: use paper liners to line a muffin tray.  I made 12 large size and 12 minis.  The large size takes about 1/2 cup of mixture, leave some room for the cupcakes to rise.  Cook them for about 15-25 minutes, watching closely from about 15 mins on to catch them before the tops burn.


Lately every time I see Cupcakes for sale they have a glob of icing on them approximately the same size as the cupcake underneath.  I would not even know how to approach those iced monsters unless I had a knife, fork, and was sitting down.  So given I am going to a stand up event these will have delicate decorative icing.

You could probably eat these as is, but I am going to make an easy icing-sugar icing.  Mix about 2tsp of melted butter into 2 cups of icing (confectioners) sugar and then dribble in some boiling water to make a good consistency.  I also like to add Food Colouring.  Ice with a knife or get special with an icing tool.  Im going to trial out my new Tupperware  Squeeze it.

Okay so here are the finished cupcakes.  Im no icing expert, and it was the first time using the Tupperware  Squeeze it. Unlike my old icing decorater I didnt have to refill the Squeeze it. The icing turned out a rather lurid pink so I even did some romantic love hearts, lemme hear it: “awwwwwwwww”.


5 thoughts on “Lemon cupcakes / cake

  1. check you out! i just read this crazy blog you have started… where do you find the time!
    the photos are adorable and you lemon cupcakes look pretty amazing!

    • Well you can come by and eat one, as I didn’t end up taking them to the swap. See you soon My American Girl.

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