Chicken pies and Face paint

Lately Sabina has been coming home from Kohanga with face paint.  It is very cute, and at times spooky.  Today when I collected her she was getting her face painted, and I got to see her sitting very still, very patiently, while Arapera drew on her putiputi (flower).  I busied myself with some work around the kohanga, and eventually she came to find me – with a purerehua (butterfly) on her other cheek.  Most mornings she asks for this (with eyeliner); butterfly on the right, flower on the left.  090528_facepaint1 copy

090528_facepaint2 copy

CHICKEN PIES (Ray McVinnie again…)

Tonight we had the delicious Ray McVinnie pies again, sans bay leaf, but with his overlapped pastry toppings that he recommended in his recipe.  These cooked up into cavernous roofs over the pie contents in the dish below.  Justin and I agreed we preferred the woven tops: more pastry, and half sodden with the pie contents.090528_pies1


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