Fish n foil

Tonight, Friday, it is tempting to simply order fish’n’chips and collect. Or even better, ask Gran to collect and bring over.  But instead I bought this white warehou fillet early this morning, and Justin prepared and cooked it once the babies were all asleep.  Of course the veges were prepped so it was not a particularly onerous task for the Friday night of a long weekend.  While Justin foiled the fish, I got the rice on.  I also found another face-paint pic of Bina, taken last December at one of her kohanga Christmas parties.  After her dinner tonight I let her do some painting with food colouring, while I fed the babies. She thoroughly painted her face. A flower, a butterfly, and a brght red nose.  I know I should have photographed her, being so careful with her paintbrush.


It is about as simple as the title.  Lay down the white fish fillet in a piece of foil large enough to wrap all of the ingredients. Squeeze on some lemon juice, and lay on a few globs of butter.  Layer up the zuchinni and beans, and finish with a twist of salt and pepper.  Justin also added a dribble of sesame oil as a last minute idea. Close up the foil and oven bake on about 180 degC for approx half an hour (since this is a friday my times and temperatures are overly approximate) and then thats it. Serve with rice.

081219_facepaint1 copy090528_fish1090528_fish2


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