There are heaps of recipes for play-dough.  I find this one super quick and easy, because unlike some it does not require cooking or cream of tartar.

I actually like to halve the recipe below to make 2 separate colours, which then make a nice marbled play-dough once they are accidentally combined.  Or, I make two lots of the full amount, send most of it off to kohanga with Sabina and leave a handful of each colour at home for her to play with.


In one bowl combine 2 cups of flour, one cup of salt, 2 TSP of cooking oil, and 1 cup of water (containing 1 tsp of food colouring).  Mix with a wooden spoon, then tip out onto a floured table and knead well, adding extra flour if you need to.  It will keep about a week if returned to an airtight container, but you will need to add a bit of extra flour to it every day.

3 thoughts on “Play-dough

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  2. OMG – I totally remember home made playdough (I think I used to eat it) and we definitely had those cookie cutters!! That was just a nice trip back memory lane, thx Lou!

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t smell quite so yummy-fake as the bought stuff. But given how much crap gets stuck in it, i reckon it is definitely better to make it fresh every week!

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