The Queen’s Bread

Its a long weekend, Queens Birthday Weekend. And the weather is not great so it is all about indoor activities for the kids.  Sunday morning we went to the Southern Cross bar, where they regularly have kids activities set up, and a person dedicated to facepainting the kids.  Sabina, a cheetah this time, was in her element and was highly reluctant to give up the hand mirror when her turn was up.


Later at home we played with play-dough, and even later, painting with food colouring.  Sabina likes to do controlled, careful lines with her paintbrush, so on Monday morning Justin encouraged her to do some emotive Max Gimblett manner movements, which she enjoyed it very much.



Every now and then we can smell the bread being made in the flat below, so finally, after about a 4 year hibernation, the breadmaker is going to come out from under the stair.  Justin used to keep the breadmaker in his architecture office and the boys would make the bread in the morning, enjoy the smell of it cooking, then have grilled panini on fresh bread for lunch.  I have become sick of walking to the dairy to get fresh bread, especially on these winter mornings – so I look forward to having this bread warm, super fresh, and handy.090601-bread2090601-bread3


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