Wanaka and Apple Porridge

Justin and I have just been featured in a “creative couples” article in Urbis magazine.  It is a very short article, coupled with a rather huge picture.  I am squinting in the picture, laughing at Justin.  A surprising number of people of people have seen the article and have been prompted to get in touch, which is always nice.  Rafe from Wanaka was one such person, he also wondered if Justin’s Apple Porridge was going to appear on the domesticscene.  And so here it is, together with my favorite shot from our trip to Wanaka in August 2008.



Most winter mornings in our household feature porridge of some kind. Be it baby-porridge, plain porridge with brown sugar, plain porridge with maple, or Justins favourite kind: Porridge with Apple and Maple.

Double the quantity of water for oats.  For 2 people 1 cup oats, 2 cups cold water. Since our trip to Wanaka we were inspired by Rafe and Michelle to get organic oats.

Pinch of salt.

Peeled and chopped apple.  You want a crispy tasty apple. This is actually horrible with bland floury apples.

Heat all while stirring frequently, letting it simmer and bubble for about 5 minutes.

Serve with milk (or if you are as partial to Dairy as Rafe and Michelle are – cream) and either brown sugar or best quality maple syrup.  No finished shots sorry, you will have to just make it and see for yourself.

090524_apple porridge1090524_apple porridge2


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