Book swap and cherubs

Instead of the toy swap out this week I have decided to swap the books.  This weekend past the twins and I went to stay with my parents.  Their house is full of knick knacks and they have kept most of our childhood toys and books.  We hauled out a few for Sabina, and, having watched the tv movie Miss Potter I also retrieved the Beatrix Potter books to accompany the movie.  Some of the books I had strong memories of, while others I cannot recall at all.  Some are downright bizzare, like this one pictured below with the breakfast scene.

The other bonus of staying at the grandparents is they have a wood burning fire which can super heat the upstairs living room.  We therefore decided to bathe the babies up there and let them have a rare mid-winter frolic in the twentyseven degree heat.  I am going to have fun with these pics like in my Renaissance cherubine scene below.  While naked, the babies also rolled for the first time – from tummy to back.  Miraculously they did this within 10 seconds of each other.  Thomasin clearly saw Lido roll, then directly copied him.  They even did the same direction (though opposite since they were at the time facing each other).  Very amusing.

090608 twins towel

090608 twins clouds copy

090609 books p1

090609 books p2

090609 books1


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