Green Velvet Soup and the Green Monster

This morning I found on my doorstep a cane basket filled with broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.  The basket belongs to Ros, who owns an organic farm in the Wairarapa, and the contents was luckily left for us.

An excess of green veges usually brings to mind a Digby Law soup which Lois Daish once wrote about in the Listener.  At one stage I had the full recipe written down, but now I make it from memory with whatever of the ingredients I happen to have on hand.  Today I used leftover roast potatoes instead of a raw potato.

As I have previously mentioned, Sabina loves facepaint… and now an innocent spot of pre-dinner watercolouring ends up like this:

090611 green face2


Roughly chop an onion, garlic and potato and heat in some olive oil in the soup pot.  Add a litre or so of chicken stock and your roughly chopped green veges and herbs – broccoli, spinach, silver beet, basil, celery…  Today I only had the broccoli and spinach.  Cook down, puree, and finish off with salt, pepper, grated Parmesan, a hunk of butter and some cream or sour cream (or both).

Today I didn’t have any cream but it is still good without it, especially when served with home-made bread and butter.

090611 greenvelvet3

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