And the baby food begins…

The babies are nearly six months old now… and getting hungry.  They have started eating solid food now, so far only baby rice, apple, pear, and carrot.  Today I have made them some orange kumara, they can try this out for their dinner.

Sabina has started potty training this week too, its definitely hit-and-miss.  But she has become obsessed with wearing her underwear and gets quite upset at bedtime when we put her back into a nappy.

She has also taken a serious interest in feeding the babies – and in eating their kai.  I might take this as an opportunity to get a few more veges into her too…

090618 pepi1090618 pepi2


Wash, peel and boil the veges… I do one type of vegetable at a time, then freeze them into ice trays.  That way I can mix up the meals by selecting from the different ice cube veges.

Once the veges are boiled soft, put aside about half of the cooking water and blend/ pulse the veges until smooth.  Add in more of the cooking water if you need to.  Once blended smooth, pour into ice cube trays and smooth off with a spatula.

Freshy made baby food is good in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.

I then get out a couple of cubes, defrost them and mix them with some baby formula and baby rice cereal. Yummo.

090618 orangekumara1


4 thoughts on “And the baby food begins…

    • ikea… 99 cents each! I can also recommend the Tupperware ones but they are two for $50… Thanks for helping to feed the babies they love getting special attention!

      • hey Lou, where is ikea??? r they in wellington? thanks Sarah xx.

        P.S. i’ve spent the past hour going through your blog, WOW is all i can say. great work girly..!!

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