Menu for the week, and a new Chicken pie…

It has been a busy weekend and week…on Saturday Aunty Emma and Uncle Graeme (known forever more as Uncle Ham) came to visit and enjoyed feeding the little ones.  We had a delicious dinner at Capitol on Saturday night to celebrate Emmas 40th.  I ordered a Crispy skinned Duck on hazlenut and beetroot salad, followed by a Cheesecake with baked cherries – yummo.  On Sunday afternoon Justin dragged out his old Lego for an afternoon with the neighbourhood kids, then managed them all with the Playstation and supermarket Pizza while us mothers enjoyed a glass of wine and entertained and fed the babies.

Monday morning was twin club, and old school friends came to visit with their babies in the afternoon.  Today I had 4 loads of washing to keep me busy, together with the 3-meals-a-day babies who are also increasingly active and needing lots of activity while they are awake.  Thankfully they are still sleeping 2 hours at lunchtime, so today I have made some Chicken Pies and since it is such brilliant weather today, I will go and see if the clothes on the chocker-full clothesline are dry before the babies wake up.


The Menu for the week is/was…

Roast Chicken (Sunday) – with extra Roast veg to make the pies…

Fajitas (Monday)

Chicken and Roast Vegetable Pies (Tuesday-today)

Corned Silverside…

Spaghetti and Rissoles…

Macaroni Cheese…

On Sunday Justin went to the Markets and Moore Wilson to get the ingredients then returned home to prep the veges.  Justin is a huge fan of Roasted Carrot, so he did extra Roast veges this week to add to the Chicken Pies, and to make Baby Food.  This should make a nice change for the babies because I normally just steam or boil the vegetables for baby food.  He also made a super Chicken Stock from the Roast Chicken, so I used that today in the chicken pies…



Yet another variant on the Chicken Pie theme, today I added leftover roasted vegetables from the Sunday night Roast Chicken; yams, potatoes, carrots and pumpkin.  I also substituted Leeks for onions, and omitted the lemon zest and parsley.

In a large pot, sizzle a few cloves of chopped garlic in some olive oil.

Add 4 chopped chicken thighs, a few handfuls of mushrooms and a few handfulls of sliced leek.

After a few minutes add 500 mls of Chicken Stock and allow to simmer

Once the chicken is cooked through, mix 3 TBSP Cornflour with water to form a paste, and add to thicken.

Add either half a bottle of cream, or I added half a pottle of sour cream (left over from Fajitas last night)

Divide into pie dishes – I have made 4 adult pies and 3 kiddie pies.


Cut 2 pastry sheets into short straps.  Count out how many dishes you have, divide by 4 and make that many, or by 6 if you want a thinner weave like these ones.  Lay the pastry straps across the pie contents in a woven design.

Glaze with egg, discarding the thick parts of the egg white.


Sprinkle with sesame or linseeds if you have some…

Put the pies onto an oven tray so that the pie contents doesn’t mess up your oven, and you can get the pies in and out easily.


Cook the pies for a further 25 mins in a hot 220degC oven, until the pastry is cooked.



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