The tent fiasco

So I got this great idea from my sisters friend Fiona on her blog,  to set up a shade tent in the playroom…  One less thing under the stairs and a neat spot for Sabina to play.  Well, I got this last summer for $9.99 at Bunnings, and never even set it up.  So it cracked me up today to set it up and realise how MASSIVE it is… not exactly the cosy little playcorner or quaint Royal Tenenbaums sort of tent I had in mind…

This shade tent is a 2.7m x 1.2m monster in garishly hideous colours.  It came only with a photograph for instructions and I could not find any notches for the half sticks to fit into. It is now destined for the waste bin – $9.99 piece of crap.



One thought on “The tent fiasco

  1. Hilarious! But a little unfortunate, I do hate those failed purchases that have so much promise. Actually, I was a little dismayed by how garish the tent was we got for Kazuo when it arrived, but hopefully it will do the trick. Though whether we will actually brave the nightmarish heat and venture outdoors again in the next five months remains to be seen!

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