Twin club…

5 mums, 10 babies and a toddler.  Jess welcomed us into her new house (she only moved in 2 weeks ago) and it was like a baby wonderland: bumbo seats, play gyms, an electric baby swing and the exersaucer.  Once Isabella woke up and we got through the round of feeding, drinking, cuddling and snoozing the babies got together for their photo line up.  It was pretty crazy and the babies were not particularly happy about it! Especially my Thomasin (4th from right) and Lido (3rd from right).  We mothers also decided to go out for dinner sans babies, since aside from a few questions about feeding, burping, sleeping, waking, sitting and rolling we didn’t get much sensible conversation in!  Sabina came along with me and was content to toddle around the babies, inspect their toys and half nibble on a few cookies.  I left with 2 tired crying babies but not 5 minutes into the drive home all three were peacefully asleep.  Here was Sabina fast-asleep once we got home.  Click!

baby lineup



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