Sabina Ink

I bought Sabina some watercolor paper and black watercolor paint.  The first one she did sitting at the table, then Justin stuck the pages to the blackboard so she could stand like at an easel. The pages started off very busy.  Then she began to get quite selective, relishing the new white page after only a few careful, or uncontrolled strokes… She stood there, performed some vigorous strokes, then call out “MUTU!” which is Maori for “FINISHED” and then we would put up another piece.  It was fun to do, but she used up all of the paper pretty quickly.  We gave Dan Parker one of her watercolour pencil ones for his Birthday party on Friday night.  Lucky Dan.

090623-bina ink6

090623-bina ink5

090623-bina ink2

090623-bina ink3

090623-bina ink4


3 thoughts on “Sabina Ink

    • I know it. I have framed one and it looks awesome. Im thinking A3 watercolor paper next… but maybe I will end up spending tens of thousands on paper for her.

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