The Cold Cuppa Tea

I enjoy a good cup of tea.  Since the pregnancies I started drinking Dilmah Decaf – and though I probably need caffeine in my day more than ever, I now satisfy that particular requirement with two morning coffees, then spend the rest of the day savoring the DD.

However, I have a rather pathetic strike rate for actual tea consumption.  Many cups of tea are made, then left to go cold about the house, or indeed even next to the kettle sans milk.  Babies feeding, nappy changes, cuddles, chores, phone calls… any of these things can provide distraction enough to let the tea go cold.   Sometimes it even goes cold in the microwave, after re-heating the previously cold tea.

It is a great pity indeed, the cold cuppa tea.



One thought on “The Cold Cuppa Tea

  1. Oh I know! You just reminded me… there is a cup of precious Fortnum & Mason’s stewing by the kettle… must go drink!! Such a tragic waste, esp here in the land of ghastly tea, to waste a proper cup.

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