Here’s the thing: babies grow.

The babies are at an in-between size.  Their current clothes are either way too big, or slightly too small.  Far too small and they get set aside in a bag hanging on the back of the bedroom door – ready for dispatch to the next baby-on-the-way.  But if only slightly too small I do tend to try to eek a few more wears and washes out of them before relegating them to the bag.

Most of the clothes belonged to Sabina. But as she was a winter-born baby, and the twins summer-born, the sizes and suitability of the clothes does not always work.  There are some very cute singlet bodysuits in the drawer that I think will be too small come summertime, and it seems a pity to not use them again.

The babies are six months old tomorrow.  Today I have dressed Thomasin in an outfit worn by Sabina when she was nine months old. So it is a little big on Thomi today – but many of her other pants are now too short and tight for her.  The pink pompom hat, I bought too late for Sabina, she already knew how to pull a hat off her head, plus the enormous pom pom was too enticing, so it rarely got worn.

Lido is lucky that I mostly purchased uni-sex clothes the first time around, stripes are a big feature of the wardrobe.  Today he is wearing a top in the ‘slightly too small’ category, his arms are too long for the sleeves.  Given to us by Amber Haley, I think it was knit by her mother.  Just about ready to return.  Because here’s the thing: babies grow.

Bina, April 2008:


Thomi, July 2009:



Lido, July 2009:



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