Keen on Quinoa? “Ae mama!”

090707 babies

The babies are progressing onto proteins.  The simplest way I did this with Sabina was to introduce Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), so will do so again with the babies.  It apparently comes from the same family as spinach and silverbeet.  Anyway, it is high in protein, gluten free, a good source of iron and it has more calcium than milk.  Best for me, it is easy to prepare.  You can buy it from health or organic stores in flake or cereal versions.  For the babies today I have prepared the cereal version, simply microwaved with water for  a few minutes.  The finished product has a nutty flavour and has some texture to it.  I have given them some with pureed pumpkin to start off.  The remainder has gone into the ice cubes to be frozen and mixed with the other puree cubes.

Once babies start eating protein meals they should drink water with it.  The babies think this is a funny game, trying to suck out of their sippy cups.  To start them off I have removed the non-spill valves. Hmmm, wet.

The Quinoa verdict?

Lido hardly noticed this was a new food, gobbling it down spoon by spoon in his usual manner.  Thomasin explored the texture in her mouth, gave it a good poke around with the tongue and her fingers, then finally decided to eat it up.  Keen on Quinoa? “Ae mama!”

090707 quinoa1


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