The cookbook stack

It is yet another rainy day – though aside from the laundry going out or staying in – not much changes in our daily schedule.  After lunch the babies sit in their highchairs and play with the plastic kitchen utensils and cookie cutters while I do the dishes.  Soon they are too tired to hold things anymore and I know it is time for their sleep.


This lunchbreak I have much to do: the inevitable laundry mountain, unloading the dishwasher, a bit of work in the home-office and some fun too: transforming the blank canvas into something more.

Today I also welcome Brodie Wright (not related) to the blogosphere with her blog about Feeding Izzy, her 2 year old girl.  Brodie and I went to school together, and also worked together in our  after-school jobs at a local rest home.  A quick skim through the blog shows her, together with her friends, to be master Party Cake makers, and Brodie (like me) seems to be a keen recipe cook.  So in honour of the Feeding Izzy blog I have posted my cookbook stack for Brodie.  There are a couple Jamie O’s in there too; Pukka.



2 thoughts on “The cookbook stack

  1. Hey. I have Thai Food too – you must try the Marinated Beef Salad on pg 365 – it’s awesome! x

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