Gappy Happy

Today was a glorious Wellington winters day.  It felt almost like Spring and was at times warm enough to wear only a t-shirt.  Even though the flowers have not returned, the Tui has come back to our kowahi tree.   But it is still very cold in the late afternoons and when the wind blows it is just freezing.  Like many Wellington homes, ours is drafty and gappy.  And, like many do-er-uppers we have removed the carpet and underlay to sand and polish the floorboards.  This has left very large gaps under the internal doors, which is rather drafty for the little bubs frolicing on the floor.

So I have made some double sided door seals to stop the drafts.  I actually made these months ago, and filled them with polystyrene balls, however over time these have been sort of squished flat, so I have topped up the seals today with rice, which will also make them heavy enough to act as door stops.





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