Frocks rock

I became slightly obsessive the night before we had a family portrait taken, and made the girls these matching frocks.  Having the photos taken was a nightmare I should have expected, but was blinded with my concern for the kid’s fashion beforehand.  For a start, the babies were slightly sick, tired and grumpy, and secondly the room in which we waited before having the photos taken was a kids paradise filled with ride on cars and slide sets.  So removing Sabina from that room into another with not much more than a white sheet was understandably tantrum-inducing, and caused an immovable pout for the photos she deigned to take part in.  But when the photographer suggested we  lie down on the floor with the babies leaning up against us… well at that point Sabina just walked off the set and refused to return.

I have not yet seen the proofs but my expectations are rather low. But at least the frocks rock.

080924 frocks1

080924 frocks2

080926 frock1


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