Scenes like this

I find driving the South Coast restful, though often scenically distracting.  On this still day, threatening rain, I drove around Owhiro Bay and took these photos standing immediately in front of the Ian Louise House, looking out to sea.  Our friends and original owners have now moved to Wanaka, and I often wonder if they miss scenes like this.

080924 stormbirds1

080924 stormy2

And at Taputeranga…

080927 taputeranga1


4 thoughts on “Scenes like this

  1. yes, i do miss that view!

    is windy in wanaka today, just like wellington – but desalinated and 20% moisture – good for drying wool jerseys and thick socks. I do miss the slowness of owhiro bay in drying laundry. The slowlaundry movement……

  2. Me, too, both the sea and laundry. Even miss the gulls at the tip. . first photo?
    These bavarian leatherpants take a long time to dry.

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