The question of Time

People often ask me “where do you find the time…?”.  Such as for sewing, for cooking, for preparing food for the week, for writing about preparing food for the week, or writing about sewing, or for keeping the blog, or for using facebook, or returning to work… I usually avoid specific answers to this questions with the blase “oh, you know…”

For a start, well, I do have some spare time.  Justin and I keep the children in a pretty immovable routine, and we are night owls – such that evenings are long for me. Once the dinner is over, the dishes are done, the coffee and bottles are prepared for the morning and the baby food muck surfaces are cleaned, then I can make decided choices about what I  will fill my precious ‘time’ with. I can easily fill an evening making a pair of kiddies trousers,  or blobbing in front of the latest episode of Fringe, Entourage or Top Model, or writing on this blog or dreaming up status updates.

Other things, well, I just don’t have time for.  I don’t have time to go to the gym, for instance.  I thought I would, that’s why I have been paying out my contract that I started after Sabina was born.  In the days of only Sabina I would leap out of bed at 5.30am to jog to the gym to meet the punishing boxfit trainer.  I returned in the evenings for bike sessions and to melt in the sauna. Now, mornings don’t leave any time for that.  The kids routine starts earlier, and I relish being in between the sheets for as long as I can handle the morning whines and wheedling emitting from the cots in the kids bedroom next door.  And now in the evenings, I relish a glass of wine, conversation with Justin,  a reasonably new-found adoration of good food, or, rarely, good tv.  So you see, I just don’t have time for the gym.

I do have time to drive my children all the way across Wellington to take them to a kohanga reo that is not even the closest one to my house.  But I don’t have time to iron the pile of shirts that has been staring at me all week.  When the mood takes me I have time to re-alphabetize my bookcase.  Other times I don’t have time to put even a single book back in the correct place, such that it might lie, horizontal, haphazard and out of place  on the floor right next to the shelf.

I do take the time to drive around the bays, or the south coast – which certainly takes more time than driving through the city, and uses more fuel. But if I didn’t make the time for this then I would miss out on scenes like these:

090828 princess1


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