In Gran’s Kitchen

090829 grans apple pie1

Today we visited Nana and Grandad and were treated to a hot home cooked lunch complete with apple pie pudding.  The recipe came from this cookbook, “Gran’s Kitchen, Recipes from the notebook of Dulcie May Booker”, by Natalie Oldfield .  It is a gorgeous book with heavy weight pages, available and  described here as follows:

  • At 95 years old, the lovely Dulcie May Booker shares her 76 best recipes and cooking tips in this handsome volume peppered with reminiscences and photographs of her life as dressmaker, market gardener and homemaker extraordinaire. Beautifully-produced and laden with at least one gorgeous full page image per recipe, Gran’s Kitchen is practical nostalgia: it contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to make Dulcie’s excellent, classic fare, from hearty fisherman breakfasts to dance supper dainties, as well as Dulcie’s secrets to award-winning baking, cooking and preserves

090829 grans apple pie2

090829 grans apple pie3

090829 applepie1


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