No more nappies? Nappies no more!

This week I was looking at this pile of flat nappies when I realised that useful as they are, I don’t really need so many, anymore.


SO I got my craftiness on and made this flat-nappy nappy holdall to store all sorts of baby bits and pieces – and it can be tied onto the end of the cot: space saving!

I even made myself one for tights and hosiery.  Since I have 4 cots I will be making a few of these… maybe one for slippers and booties, one for hats… or, one each for the kids to have their own hats, boots, tights etc in.

Below is my basic pictorial tutorial for how to make one of these handy holdalls.  Each one uses three flat nappies, including the ties, and all that is required is an iron, a  sewing machine and (preferably) some pinking shears (zig-zag dressmaking scissors).

090831 nappy22

090831 naps_hats2

090831 naps_hats1


You need:

  • 3 flat nappies
  • pinking shears (zig-zag dressmaking scissors)
  • sewing machine with white cotton thread
  • an iron and ironing board
  • about an hour or so…

Decisions to make…

  • whether to include the pink hems as a detail, or not
  • flannelette inside or out
  • the size and positioning of the pockets
  • the quantity and positioning of the ties to suit your cot
  • decorations for the pockets, eg. random old buttons or some hand-stitching…(I might get around to that once I have made the 6 or so more I now so desperately seem to require!)

And now begin!step 1

step 2 pockets iron

step 3

step 4 stich horizontal

step 5 vertical

step 6 trim sides

step 7 ties

step finished


3 thoughts on “No more nappies? Nappies no more!

  1. Wonderful! Very crafty and nifty, fab combo. And I love the pics you made for the tutorial. Handy use of pinking shears for a quick and satisfying result. Good work!

  2. Brilliant Louise! You never cease to amaze me, even more so now that I have a baby and just the one is time consuming enough! You have now moved up to Domestic Goddess gold elite status!

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