Similar, but Opposite

When babies are measured it is recorded as length, though once they are toddling it is of course recorded as height.  The twins are growing longer… and since they are seasonally opposite babies to Sabina, they were seriously short of summer bodysuits.  Nana Maude bought the kids a heap of these cute bodysuits, and for once I have gone for matching outfits… 4 of one, 2 of another and so on.  So I am having fun dressing the babies each day now in sort of matching outfits. It reminds me of a line my sister and I always like to recite – it sounds like it was from a Seinfeld show, but it could have been from a conversation we had with Justin’s step brothers in Boston while discussing the different words New Zealanders and Americans use to describe food… anyway, the line is: “similar, but opposite“.

090901 matching5

090901 matching3

090901 matching4

090901 matching1


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