What’s up…(?)

Jo kindly pointed out today that it’s been a bit quiet on the domestic scene.  For a start, the camera is stuck down at the office – it is like I’ve lost a limb, I do that thing where I start to rise up off my chair to grab it and then go, Dang! camera not here!

Its been a baby day today (Dang! no camera!) with Katy bringing 9 month old Annie Olga, and Sally bringing 4 month old Eli Ignacious, followed by our neighbour Charlotte who came with nearly 2 year old Sam, plus a pregnant belly and a banana loaf (Dang! no camera!) followed by Twin Club in the afternoon (Dang! no camera!).  The twins numbered 10 today with Sabina toddling on the edges and Valeria’s two schoolgirls too.  All ten babies can now sit up, with 2 crawling and cruising around the furniture.  Im’ waiting for the girls to email their pics, cos, Dang, my camera is at work.

I have also been active on the sewing machine too (Dang! no camera!) this time making a few summery skirts for myself, heralding Spring and my return to work.  In the next fortnight we are photographing the new shelving product Justin has designed, and so I will definitely be posting that on here soon.  In the meantime I am assembling props and photo concepts for the shoot.  So there is lots on, even if not all recorded on the scene this busy week.

I will post these pics though, a gorgeous book given to us by darling Penny Hay, “Iggy Peck Architect” a humorous kids book with gorgeous graph paper illustrations – Iggy uses his architect brain to rescue his class and teacher while on a school trip.  It has this great line in it “Good gracious, Ignacious!” which I should have used today when I discovered that 4 month old Eli Ignacious is in fact heavier than my pip-squeak Lido, nearly-nine-months.  I just love little Iggy Peck with his side swept fringe, skinny jeans, turtleneck and hi-top sneakers.  ahhhh, Architects.

090831 iggypeck1

090831 iggypeck2

090831 iggypeck3


One thought on “What’s up…(?)

  1. Thanks for the update Lou, I can’t live vicariously through you if you don’t update! When are you heading back to work? What will you do with the kids – nanny?

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