The laundry lines save time

I can almost hear a collective “OMG” as I write this post, but there really is method to my madness.  And here it is.  When hanging out laundry on the clothesline, I assign each line to a different type of  laundry.  This way, when bringing in laundry from the clothesline it can be dumped into the laundry basket roughly in order to correspond with the storage inside the house…this virtually eliminates the folding and sorting phase that would usually occur between bringing washing in and putting it away. It also means that when I need to make a quick dash for a clean pair of socks I know where to get them right away.

So roughly the lines go like this:

  1. line 1 = socks (hung by the toes, side by side in pairs) and underwear.  This is the side against the house wall so these items are most hidden from the neighbours…
  2. line 2 = bibs (i have heaps)
  3. line 3 = teatowels and kitchen things
  4. line 4 = kid clothes
  5. line 5 = baby clothes (all bodysuits together, all tights together, all pants together)
  6. lines 6 and 7 = other linen (sheets, pillowcases, towels)

When bringing it all in again I leave the kitchen things and bibs til last, since the kitchen is the first place I pass once back inside – the things can be quickly put away before plodding on to distribute the rest.  So there it is, how the laundry lines save time.

Here are the babies in the laundry basket, in the bathtub:




3 thoughts on “The laundry lines save time

  1. I love that you are as OCD as me… and so we save time while others just think we are being anal… I also do this with the groceries… and really feel much better if I get to pack them myself ‘cos then I put all the fridge stuff in one bag so that if the baby is grumpy when we get home, I can just pick him and the fridge bag up and go inside, the other stuff can wait…
    Did I say too how fab the laundry basket bathtub is?? Was wondering what to do with K, we still bath with him, which is nice, but when flying solo, this will be a much better idea. Wonderful!

  2. Im almost as bad, I fold when I bring in, so dont have a pile of unfolded washing anywhere. I quite often fold each person all at once (if you get my drift) so once inside can dump each persons pile in their rooms….the things we come up with! Oh and I only have one colour pegs now, as I used to like matching pegs (wheres the blushing smily face when you need it.) Love the basket in the bath, a really good idea!

  3. I’ll bet your CDs are alphabetical and by genre too, right? Teletubbies arranged chronologically?! I’m ever so slightly jealous, I dream of being so organised. Come and organise my life…

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