Bumpity bumps of the cot bumpers

When Sabina was starting to crawl and pull herself up I noticed how often she bumped her head, especially in the cot.  I looked around for some cot bumpers and discovered I would get no change from $50 if I bought 2 of them from the store.

So I made her these cot bumpers, with a sweet fabric from Global Fabrics and some foam.  Basically they are formed like a long pillowcase with an overlapping joint in the middle, and then ties are sewn in at various points along the side seams.

Now that the twins are sitting/toppling over I have re-employed the cot bumpers in this cot, which we use as a play-pen and spare cot when babies come to visit.

Now that should solve the bumpity bumps of the cot bumpers!

090924 cot bumper1

090924 cot bumper2

090924 cot bumper3


4 thoughts on “Bumpity bumps of the cot bumpers

  1. Pretty and so necessary! I re-covered some I got at the 61-Mile Yard Sale (yes… 61 miles of garage sales, HEAVEN!) for $2 and made the cot look all pretty before Kaz arrived, then removed them all in a panic over SIDS… then put them back up a few weeks back when he started doing the head bumping thing (worst sans helmet!). So good to know they didn’t cost a fortune, yet still matched the baby decor, and so good now he is moving about so vigorously, the cot feels like the safest place to practise rolling/crawling techniques some days!

    • ah yes, SIDS< well I dont use the bumpers in the sleeping cots, and the babies sleep in Safe-T-Sleep wraps…(which I should have made myself LOL!

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