Flapjacks and lampflaps

091011 flapjacks1

I recently saw this post by Fiona, about Flapjacks, which caused me to remember the container full of flapjacks that are to be found from time-to-time, in Georgina’s kitchen.  Not having on hand the caster sugar  that Fiona’s recipe calls for, I telephoned Gee and she read out to me her Flapjack recipe, slightly modified from a “Zesty Flapjack” recipe from the River Cottage Family Cookbook.  Modified in terms of omitting the Zesty.

091011 flapjacks3

So, having already got out the oats and brown sugar for Sunday morning porridge, I (together with my not-so-helpful little helper) gave these flapjacks a crack.

091011 flapjacks4


Melt 200grams unsalted butter with 100 grams golden syrup

Mix together 250 grams oats, 100 grams brown sugar, 100 grams flour, and 100 grams of seeds, raisins, dates, nuts etc.  I used raisins and dates.

Press into a greased tin and cook on 160 degC for 15-25 mins til golden.

Once cooked, remove from the oven and mark out into squares/rectangles etc then leave to set.

Then, once set, break up the flapjacks into their shapes and store in an airtight container. We wrapped ours in paper towels and gave them to Tim Park for his birthday today, where on the bbq, lamb flaps were on the sizzle…

091011 flapjacks6

091011 flapjacks5

091011 picnic flaps2

091011 picnic flaps3


2 thoughts on “Flapjacks and lampflaps

  1. so lovely to see the process of my present being loving constructed, great to see you all today – thomasin on the lampflap was definately a highlight

    • i also liked how Sophie asked Sabina where her “tail” had gone when we returned to the party (meaning her apron ties…) so I have posted the apron making here too…

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