Crinkly cuts

Today I bought a new sack-of-spuds.  Potatoes from the Pescini bros, who I now know to be related to Emma and Jake Pescini and their twin babes Thomas and Lucia.


Having washed the weeks worth of spuds I then cut them with this new crinkly cutter, which I picked up at Spotlight today whilst searching (in vain) for cot-protector fabrics.  The cutter caught my eye at the counter and I immediately recognised it as:

a) an item to make fun looking veges for the kids to eat, and

b) something Justin would immediately distrust…


Justin prides himself on his kitchen knifery, and he isn’t easily fooled by gimmicky kitchen implements so this crinkly cutter really had to step up to the plate tonight to warrant a future visit to the potato pile.  I started off cutting the spuds, I think I did 2 cuts, before Justin took over and cut the rest of the taters.  You see it is also pretty fun to use.  And the result was super. Mmmmm. crinkle-cut home-fries.  I’m now looking forward to making carrots for Sabina tomorrow too.





One thought on “Crinkly cuts

  1. Scrumptious! My Mum had one of those and all our fries were home-made of the crinkle variety (couldn’t get frozen when we were nippers!).

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