The cot protector (to protect her)

cot before1

Katy’s baby Annie has been chewing on her cot, which results in a mouthload of paint chips. Ew Yuk.  We can’t let that sort of carry-on continue, so have come up with a protector to save the paintwork (a bit too late) and we can now save Annie from the mouthful of paint chips.

Annie is 3 weeks older than Thomasin and Lido.  She is a bit of a barometre for us, we see what she is up to and have some idea what our babies will be up to in 9 weeks time or so, since Annie is actually 9 weeks ahead gestationally.  So this piece of crafty will probably soon be needed in our house too, but I have a bit of time to find myself some fabric first.

Katy is rather new to all this craftiness, but she has shown true persistence in the past, as evidenced by her fully handstitched door draft stoppers which were the inspiration for my machine-made version here.  Her first project with me was the peggy peg-bag, and now she is stepping up and coming up with all sorts of crafty ideas such as a new ironing board cover (watch this space) and this cot protector, to protect her.


You need:

  1. Fabric quantity = the length of the cot side x the height you want the protector to come down from the top (x4)
  2. Quilting batting quantity = a bit less than the length of the cot side x a bit less than the folded fabric size (see pics)
  3. Sewing machine and thread
  4. Velcro, or snaps for fastening.  If you dont have these then you could make ties with the fabric, but be aware ties can be a choking hazard for babies.


cot tutorial3

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5


3 thoughts on “The cot protector (to protect her)

  1. Great work crafty girls. Annie looks very happy with the results (she is such a cutie). Our cot came with a built-in, wipeable rubber teether on the rails, so prob won’t need a protector for the cot, but do like the idea of making a little padded cover anyway as K is starting to pull up on his rails and always bashes his head/jaw in the process. Great tutorial!

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