ho ho october?

It has happened.  Katy first told me that California Gardenworld already put up their Christmas trees.  I was pretty shocked at this, I mean, it is not even Labour weekend yet.   But maybe I had Christmas blinkers on, because later that day I noticed Ruth Pretty Christmas cakes for sale at Moore Wilson.  Then when we later visited Spotlight they were well into the Christmas Spirit, with a 20% discount and all.  I’m guessing these big fabric stores have a huge Christmas Warehouse somewhere and every year perhaps they unload the stock then send the unsold stock right back there to wait half a year before they deem it early enough to re-emerge.  Because at the Christmas fabric tables I recognised the very fabrics they stocked last year, In fact I recalled my fabric dilemma while trying to choose fabric for the family Christmas stockings – you know the one where you stand there staring for ages at the array of patterns and prices and try to formulate some pathway to a decision about What to Buy.

Before making the Cot protectors I hauled out these Stockings to show Katy the quilting lines in them.  This is cheats quilting, the fabric already came with the squares of patterns, then I added a batting to the reverse and stitched along the squares to create a quilted effect.

I made these in December last year in preparation for our Family of Five.  It was a total mission to complete them pre-Christmas what with the twins on board and work men in the house, but I did it, together with one extra for my new nephew Conor.  Now that’s one chore that will not be on my Christmas list this year.





3 thoughts on “ho ho october?

  1. Gorgeous stockings! I’m loving your blog and what a wonderful household you have! I’ll be back for inspiration. Looking forward to Father Christmas delivering me a sewing machine and getting crafty in the New Year. All the best, Sarah (a friend of Katy)

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