Collecting challenging things

091108 challenges1

As the babies grow up and out of their clothes I separate them into two piles:

  1. The “good” clothes for sending on to others
  2. The “gross” clothes for rags or rubbish.

But I have found a new purpose for pile number 2.  Inspired by this old book of mine “All by Herself” I am harvesting all the tricky little snaps, zips, belt loops and buckles from the clothes in order to make some kind of challenging quilt mat or book.  It will take a while to collect the bits, but I can wait: after all, the babies will keep on growing.

091108 all by herself1

091108 all by herself2

091108 all by herself3

091108 all by herself4

091108 all by herself5




3 thoughts on “Collecting challenging things

  1. omigoodness louise.
    you never cease to amaze me, and certainly always manage to inspire me! hope to see you soonish.xx

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