Tutu cute, tutu easy

091108 tutu2

I recently found this tutorial about how to make a (almost) no-sew tutu. So I decided this would be the item for miss Sabina Arikirangi under the Christmas Tree this year.  It took me weeks to actually get to the store to buy the tulle, and an age at the store standing in front of multiple bolts of ballerina and bridal tulle in various weights and softness and glorious colours.  Eventually I opted for a bridal black, then trawled around for more tutorials (here is another one) to make sure I had the best method for maximum puff and minimum effort, then set to work.  The tutu was super easy and fast, but the big question now is: Can I really wait until Christmas Day before trying this on my little sweetheart?

091108 tutu6


I have to credit the authors of both tutorials above because this tutorial is a mix of two methods. The inspiration was from Plumtickled and the knotting method from Cut out + Keep.

  1. Purchase elastic and tulle. I used 2 metres of 240cm bridal tulle (bridal tulle is a lot softer than ballerina/nylon net.  There is an even softer version called Fairy puff which would hang more vertically)
  2. Size the elastic.  Measure around childs waist with the elastic.  I did this very loosely, so that the tutu will last a long time.  It also fits me, at a pinch, for a costume party.
  3. Sew up the elastic, or knot.  Best to use a zigzag stitch.  I zigzagged over the edges to prevent fraying.
  4. Cut the tulle into strips.  I folded the length in half, then in half again and cut the edges, leaving me with 2m x 70cm strips.  I then used the floorboards as a guide to cut into strips.
  5. Knot the strips one by one onto the elastic.  Pull the elastic band up onto your thigh, then knot the tulle strips on.  The plumtickled version uses a double knot, but I used the other version so that I could re-purpose it later for a bigger tutu if required.  Half the strip, then return the ends through the top loop (see pics)
  6. Keep doing that til complete.
  7. Add ribbons etc (like in the Plumticked tutu) for maximum gorgeousness (*rushes off to buy black ribbon*)
  8. Voila.

I can’t wait to take more pics of Sabina wearing this. I think I need to make one for Thomasin now too…

091108 tutu1

091108 tutu4

091108 tutu3

091108 tutu5

091108 tutu7

091108 tutu6

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