Tutu two (white and spotty)

It’s tutu time again.  I just could not let the first tutu effort be the one and only…

I have this one in mind for Sabina to wear to a wedding at the end of the month, she won’t be coming to the wedding ceremony but is coming to the after-party the following day.

It’s so creamy and angelic, I love it.

091114 homemade tutu1

The tutu is based on the Plumtickled tutorial differs from my previous tutu effort in the following ways:

  1. It is made from Nylon Net instead of Bridal Tulle. Result: MUCH harder to knot and way more scratchy. Cheaper though.  Next time I would go Bridal.
  2. The Nylon Net could not be looped in, it had to be knotted and the knots ended up quite fat.
  3. It took longer to make (due to knotting, not looping)
  4. I have added another kind of tulle in, one festooned with felt spots. Very cute.
  5. I have added ribbons. (And added some ribbons to the black tutu too)
  6. I added an extra loop into the elastic waist-band for up-sizing later (future-proofing)…

091110 tutu two3

091110 tutu two6

091110 tutu two5

091110 tutu two1

091114 homemade tutu3

And lastly, ribbons added to the black tutu:

091110 tutu ribbons2

5 thoughts on “Tutu two (white and spotty)

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