Hawkes Bay day

Today we left the nasty southerly storm in Wellington and went to Hawkes Bay, sans little people.  All in the name of work, of course, but we did also manage to stop in at our clients suggestion for breakfast at Provedore on the way.  This was something of a milestone in terms of my breakfasts this year, which are predominantly consumed (if indeed at all) while standing up, making coffee, spoon feeding babies, dishing out the third bowl of muesli for Sabina Arikirangi (while removing the almonds to avoid any nuts near allergic Lido Ngakau), cutting crusts off toast or cutting toast into star shapes all the while packing lunches for kohanga and running the second load of laundry for the day.  So though it was a quick stop, it was insanely luxurious for me.  I liked this curious door there.  Curious Kai kindly suggested the Grind breakfast which Justin chose, while I found it altogether too early for eggs so had a mix of sides: ciabatta, haloumi, and the deli pork sausages with Rocket sauce.


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