The Kohanga Christmas Party (with a couple-a-tutus)

Today was the second to last day of Kohanga for 2009, and also the Christmas Party.  The tamariki have been gearing up for this for a while, and Sabina Arikirangi has been arriving home these past days and weeks magically singing her Maori Christmas carols and raving about “Hana Koko” (Father Christmas / Santa).   Our invitation said the kids were to arrive at 10am, “Dressed Up”, so I popped the girls into their tutus and wings while Lido Ngakau got to wear his new Hawaiian shirt, given as one item of a huge sack of “boys clothes” given to us by kohanga in order to dress Lido “more like a boy”…. (ouch!).  So we did.

To see the tutu tutorials click here, or search tutu in my sidebar for my many tutu efforts…

One thought on “The Kohanga Christmas Party (with a couple-a-tutus)

  1. Your girls look gorgeous, and having such a jolly time under the tree with Hana Koko… and I love the ‘more like a boy’ thing – Ak was urging me to get Kaz’s haircut this morning ‘cos people mistake him for a girl still (which I think is weird, cos although some of his trou are from the girls’ section, he looks like a lumberjack half the time!!). Lido looks very handsome indeed. Go the little cruisers! Have a Happy Christmas. xx

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