4 cots, 4 covers

Seeing as summer is coming, Sabina and I set this morning to join the throngs of Christmas Shoppers at Moore Wilson.  But my mission was more mundane than festive; I bought a king single duvet inner with the aim of creating 4 summerweight cot duvet inners, to go with the cot duvet covers I previously made from flat sheets.  4 cots = 4 covers, we have 3x cots in the babies bedroom and a 4th emergency cot in our bedroom for those not so blissful nights when a baby needs separating from the others (this happened last night with Thomasin breaking out tooth number 8 so now I’m prepared with the bedding).

This hardly needs a tutorial, but I’ll flick up the pics regardless.  And since you get 4 shots at this you can try different things with the seams.  I used bias binding for one then resorted to simple blanket stitching for the rest.

I don’t know the cost of a a brand new cot duvet, but I’m guessing it would be a lot more than the less than 10 bucks these ended up each costing.

The King Single is 185cm x 210cm

Cut into 4, giving approx size duvet 90cm x 105cm

Stitch along with a double seam or blanket stitch

Trim to tidy, then re blanket stitch or prepare bias binding

Zig zag stitch the bias binding on

Cover with homemade duvet covers, made from flat sheets or fabric


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