The big bed (da dum, da dum, da dum…)

Tonight we put Sabina in *inhales deeply* “the big bed…”

During the day we introduced her to the bed and congratulatory beamed at each other when she happily hopped in with a massive grin on her sweet little face.  Roll around 6pm and ‘the real thing’ was a whole different story.  I stopped counting at 20 times putting her back to bed, and twice waking up Thomasin too.  I even sent out  a mayday text to Nikki, and consulted the local Baby Whisperer book for advice.  I was ready to cave in and return her to the cot after the second hour, but Justin resigned himself to the long night ahead and eventually convinced me to too, such that we ended up really enjoying Sabina’s enquiring but sleepy bedtime mind as we lay next to her for the next hour til she drifted off, drowzily chatting about Holidays and texting Nana and Grandad tomorrow.


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