Domestic Reo 001

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Tena Koutou

Ko Louise Jayne Hikihiki Wright ahau,

No Te Arawa, Rongowhakaata, Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki…

Our family is bi-lingual Maori/English.  5 years ago I enrolled in a Te Reo Maori nightclass taught in the Te Ataarangi method by Henare Ngaia, to continue learning the language of my Mother.  My husband Justin joined me on the journey.  My primary aim was to support my own (future) children in being bi-lingual (Maori/English) here in New Zealand.

Our eldest child is Sabina Arikirangi.  She is now two and half years old, and has been attending her Kohanga Reo since before she was one.  Our twins Thomasin Paerangi and Lido Ngakau have just turned one.  I stopped attending the classes when Sabina was born.

Tonight I realised I could film our efforts, test our interactions and responses, and capture our mixed domestic reo.


Here are the first stories, 5 minute captures in either Maori, English, or sometimes both.

I am uploading them on my Youtube channel Domesticscene, and hope to continue filming these from time to time.

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DOMESTIC REO 001: 18 January 2010.  Sabina is 2.5 years old.  I initiate this conversation in Maori to see what responses she offers and what language she interacts in.


14 thoughts on “Domestic Reo 001

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  2. I am (of course) thrilled that you are continuing to speak Maori and that your children will be raised bilingual. Now is the perfect time to do so!

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  9. Kia Ora Louise, My name is Kane Harnett and I am a New Zealander living in Denmark and father to a wonderful little 15 month old girl called Aria. I came across your posting on Youtube a couple of weeks ago quite by accident as I was looking for Te Reo resources. I must say it is inspiring to see your interaction with Sabine and the use of the language in every day situations. I try and speak only Maori with Aria when we are alone which requires extra diligence and study on my part but I am grateful for your posting as it has enabled me to confidently broaden my vocab and add more structure to our conversations. Being so far from home, it is difficult to find Kohanga type language resources. Basic phrases and description language for kids is all but impossible to find on -line. If you have any ideas or sources you think would be useful, I would be very grateful. Aria is beginning to talk now and as we have 3 living languages in the house, it will be interesting to watch how she goes with it all. Again, thank you for your posts and I look forward to watching more in the future.

    Kane 🙂

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