Waitangi Day Wellington.  The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day full of promise.  We plan to go swimming, and maybe watch some kapahaka down at Waitangi Park.  Then we walk out onto the street to find our front wall blazoned with a single red word of 1 metre high letters: SLAG.  It was shocking, to put it mildly.  The wall was erected just over a year ago, and has been smugly free of any of the random tags that decorate the neighbourhood from time to time.  Until now.  So our gorgeous Wellington Waitangi Day has since involved about a hundred dollars worth of graffiti remover spray, a scrubbing brush, a waterblaster, and finally a few buckets worth of new plaster cement.  All the while managing the 3 kids in this unheard of heat.  The clean up took all day and into the night.  Cars have slowed to rubberneck and some even stopped to talk to us. Our neighbours have been particularly awesome, offering condolences, theories of who the culprits are, offers of help and even offers of guard dogs and surveillance in case it happens again tonight. Kind Perry helped out with a scrubbing brush and the waterblaster.  Justin and I are still trying to process the act in our heads.  Last night was rugby sevens so there are plenty of drunken scamps about, but this particular word and the size of it is indeed puzzling. Not a good look on the domestic scene.

Neighbours comments included:

  • “That’s not a tag, that’s malicious!”
  • “Excuse me, what is slag?”
  • “I must look that up in the dictionary”
  • “Perhaps you should plant a creeper”
  • “That’s not even a tag, it’s more like a message

Hopefully not a message for us though, I mean, who’s the slag?


4 thoughts on “Slag

  1. You should write (in chalk) on your wall “I’m sorry you have such a tiny penis – but perhaps you could take it out on your own wall next time?”

    Or not as we don’t want a repeat offense!

  2. Oh no Louise, that is awful. My parents have been experiencing vandalism like that for a year now and it is just so annoying… and the meaning???! Ironically maybe, Super Louise Against Graffiti?!

  3. “Perhaps you should plant a creeper” – classic! What a thing to wake up to, and the rigmarole in cleaning it off. If you ever find out who did it, I’ll be at the front of your mob, with pitchfork and flaming torch in hand!

  4. Aw that’s why I saw you at your gate one time when I went past then I commented to Michael when we went past hours later that you must have been out there all day – I’m amazed I didn’t notice the SLAG. Obviously there’s not a quick fix to getting it off. We have a nice inviting white concrete fence ourselves. I’m sure it’s a matter of time before we get get this stupidity visited upon us as well. Sorry you had to waste a lovely day

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