Fix up Look sharp

There have not been many kai posts on the domestic scene lately. Primarily because I have returned to work and therefore lack the hours in the day to prepare pies and pre-mades during the day, and secondly because I tend to make, and remake, things I have already posted.  But today I am home with the sickliwinks and thought I would put our new knives through their paces.  Given as a belated wedding gift, these sharpies have been coveted by Justin for quite some time.  A set of 6 super sharp Global’s.

I should add here that I am not really one for knife-wifery.  I don’t even really know which knife to use for what task.  But the big boy slid with ease through the whole chicken I butchered to make the Ray McVinnie chicken pot pies (modified to use 2 breasts and 2 thighs) and the little stumpy one had a particularly satisfying feel while chopping though brown button mushrooms and frozen free-range bacon to make a slapstick bacon and egg pie.


2 thoughts on “Fix up Look sharp

  1. Cool knives and not cheapies either! I could get by with just two; a chef’s knife (big boy) and a paring knife (the thin, squitty one), and if I was allowed a few more then a bread knife, filleting knife and a boning knife should just about do it. Oh, and a switchblade for food critics.

    Yummo grub too, by the way! Hope the littlies get better 🙂

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