This Lovely State

It’s has been nearly a week of Stay At Home Mum’ing it with the little sickies.  While I feel the weight of work on my shoulders each day I stay at home, our home (I feel) has returned to a lovely state of calm and order that I had almost forgotten.  Laundry is up to date.  Our kai is organised, nutritious and ready to eat at the appropriate times. My tea and coffee intake is somewhat reduced, with a significant rise of cold cuppas forgotten un-drunk as I attend to clingy children (while they are awake) and chores (while they are asleep).   Groceries were ordered, arrived, and put away.  The dishwasher is empty.  And the pantry shelves are dusted and tidied.    I refilled the recycle bin on the very same day it was emptied.  I welcomed impromptu visitors and offered them homemade bacon and egg pie.  The flour bin was refilled (it fits a full 5kg bag) and I made bread, and playdough too.  I caught up on blogs and even wrote a post or two myself.  Two months after owning an iPhone I finally set up an iTunes account and downloaded some Apps (FB and Twitter!) and bought my first song.  I actually looked at our household bills.  I emptied the vacuum cleaner. Then used it on the floor.  Then followed with a mop.  Then replaced the mop head.  The cleaning frenzy took hold, but I took it too far.  I recklessly put the “Not for Dishwasher” Soda Stream bottles in the Dishwasher, and I was surprised when they came out destroyed.  Reality Check. Eventually the children will get better and we will all return to our workday routines.  And I will have to manage my own expectation of the house remaining in this lovely state.

One thought on “This Lovely State

  1. Oh, so glad you had a little respite from the working-mum frenzy, even if it was because of sick little pops. But we all know that caring for sick kids is actually MORE time consuming than anything else, you make it sound relaxing, but we know…Hope they are feeling better, and that going back to ‘work’ is not too harrowing!

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