The other side Inspired

Today I had a visit from Vanya (of Endless Inspiration).  Vanya and I worked together years ago and it was great to catch up and introduce her to the kidliwinks (now not so much sickliwinks). After the bacon and egg pie was consumed with a cuppa or two, we got down to some serious blog worship, scrolling about the internet passing the mouse back and forth like the Williams sisters.  I got to see the back end of her Blogger (.blogspot) and was finally able to let go that nagging thought that the grass is always greener on the other side. I’m therefore at peace with WordPress and even impressed with it’s back end.  And though we are agreed Google Reader is the bomb post updater, I am still a sucker for visiting blogs at their original source rather than through a reader.  So anyway, take a look at Vanya on the other side, Inspired.


One thought on “The other side Inspired

  1. oh look its me 🙂

    So good to see you and lots of fun having our mini (exclusive blog conference, perhaps next time we’ll let a few select peps join us 😉

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