Whizz Bang Stabmixer

Today is the last day of the summertime Kirkcaldies sale.  We have been looking for a new stick mixer since the ol’ Breville de-threaded and died last month.  My stick mixer took a real thrashing this past year what with the bi-or-tri-weekly whizz up of baby kai and our double rounds of whipped milk morning coffees.

First stop for these sorts of things is always Level 1 of Moore Wilson.  There they had the same Breville, and also the up-specced Kenwood K-Mix version.  A higher wattage hand blender which comes with a bigger whizz bucket and a few more attachments, all on a fancy hold-all stand. I wanted the K-mix because it comes with an aerator attachment, which I can use to whip our morning coffee milk.  MW had the K-mix in red, but I searched further afield and found it on TradeMe, and then finally in Kirks, in gloss black “Peppercorn”, Ching Ching SALE!  But it wasn’t actually on sale.  The really good stuff never is.  But I was surprised to see that the price was at least on par with MW, despite the Lambton Quay location.  “Peppercorn” was out on display so Sabina and I had to wait while the assistant located the original box (which is the size of a beer crate, and refers to the product in several language variations including the great term Stabmixer) and re-packed it all.    Meanwhile I resisted the urge to buy multitude non-essential “on-sale” kitchen implements,  but finally was seduced *damn what’s the holdup with that box?* by some charming ramekins for the kids.  Robert Gordon “Cutie Pie” dishes: 2x dusty pinks for the girls and a smoky lime for Lido.  First up is ramekin Weetbix and 2 rounds of morning coffee with my new whizz bang Stabmixer!


3 thoughts on “Whizz Bang Stabmixer

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! It has a monster motor too, so it’ll do the business. I keep forgetting Moore Willy sells hardware upstairs, & Kirks is always a compulsory stop when I’m in town – good score!

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